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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Leighton Moss 25/02/12


Some of the great things about birding are never knowing quite what you are going to glimpse, how close you are going to get, or if you can get a half reasonable shot.

Sometimes you can arrive at a hide 2 minutes after the 'rarity of the day' flew out of sight - or like on this day, just as the Bittern flew by, with barely a chance to point the camera, let alone press the shutter!

 Personally I think Chaffinches are one of our most overlooked and colourful little 'garden' birds - this one was waiting his turn at the feeders.
 Leighton Moss always has a good number of Greenfinch hanging around the feeders.
 Once you venture away from the main building and onto the many paths you may get lucky and spot of of Leightons specialties.. the Marsh Tit.
Or a Great Tit, one of the other varieties seen here in abundance.

 Though standing or sitting quietly near a pre-baited tree may reward you with great views of the excellently camouflaged Tree-Creeper - or even my favourite woodland bird - the colourful Nuthatch

RSPB Leighton Moss has never yet disappointed with its open waters frequented by Otters, the expansive reed beds with their wild Red Deer or it's wide variety of resident and migrant birds. A great day out - get there early enough in autumn, and you may even get lucky and spot their Bearded Tits!


  1. Another great set of photographs Kaz.

  2. Congratulations on the super dooper Kingfisher shots. Not only did you see one, I think they are better than some of the Nuthatch shots and they were good. Well done you. XXX


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